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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

This might sound really stupid, but I do a fantasy draft every time, and love picking 10 average shooting guards and making that my rotation. The computer can't stop the 3 ball so I always outscore them even if they get an easy dunk every possession.

I have my starter play the 1st and 4th quarters:
PG-Rodney Stuckey-need his passing ability plus he can drive and create for others.
SG-Anthony Morrow-lethal 3 point shooter who won't miss given space and seems to play a lot better as a starter.
SF-Wesley Matthews-another lethal 3 point man who can rebound and defend as well.
PF-Courtney Lee-I put him here because he can stretch the defense but also drive right fast opposing power forwards.
C-Arron Afflalo-He is the best defender and doesn't miss a 3, he also takes away the center from the basket.
My bench plays the 2nd and 3rd quarters:
PG-Shannon Brown-I move him back and fourth from Pg and Sg, but he is great defending point guards and is you can get his slow release down, it is unstoppable.
SG-Marcus Thornton-He handles the ball a lot, he can drive on anyone, and hits open jumpers even though he seems to be a better shooter in real life than in the game. Does better coming off the bench.
SF-Daequan Cook-All he does is shoot 3's but he doesn't miss and can occasionally get you steals.
PF-Jermaine Taylor-inconsistent jumper but he can get hot if he hits a couple, he is great at driving and explosive dunking. Just one of those guys you love using in 2k and it's ashame he isn't in the newer roster updates.
C-Von Wafer-The opposing teams center never go out to the 3 point line to cover him so he always gets open looks and generally knocks them down. Another explosive dunker who is a great 2k player and it's ashame he too isn't in the more recent roster updates.

I finished 11-3 in my first season and wound up winning the NBA finals in 5 games on pro. I re-signed everybody and am 3-4 this season on superstar. They are all between 26-28 so I don't have to blow them up for younger SG's yet, but the time might be coming near.
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