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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

New to the forum!

Alright i came across this, and thought.. why not, ill share what i am currently working on in association.

I decided to start with the Magic. No trade over-ride on and i play on HOF. I have played assocation before and got bored easy, but this time was different. I traded for a set of nice players under the age of 22 who have potential and could possibly get alot better. I then cleared out all my big contracts and plan to get a star in the upcoming FA.

The trades went like this :

trades -

trade 2014 1st round pick for patty mills

trade arron afflalo and glen davis for harrison barnes and andrew bogut

trade jj reddick, nicholson for austin rivers, 2014 2nd round pick

trade harrison barnes, ishmael smith for kawhi leonard and gary neal

trade al harrington , 2014 2nd round pick, dequan jones for terrence ross and linas kleiza

trade patrick mills 2014 2nd round pick for jarred sullinger and 2013 2nd round pick

trade gary neal, 2013 2nd round pick for hasheem thabeet, 2013 2nd round pick

trade andris biedrins, linas kleiza, devin ebanks for carlos delfino and greg smith

trade josh mcroberts for 2014 second round pick

fire coach jacque vaughn and sign kurt hanson

trade carlos delfino for steve novak

trade kenyon martin for 2013 1st round pick and lamar odom

trade hedo turkoglu for daniel gibson and alonzo gee

trade alonzo gee, 2013 2nd round pick for 13 1st round pick and anthony morrow

So after all of this, my starting five looked like this:

Austin rivers PG (worked on his ball handling and passing)
Terrence ross SG
Kawhi Leonard Sf
Jarred Sullinger
Andrew Bogut (not young, but nice to have him as a defensive anchor)

I am looking to continute to develop Kawhi Leonard to be my franchse player, his RTG is already at 85 and im just at the end of the first season. I have a tonne of space and will look to unload Andrew bogut to get a young center who is about to become a free agent. Im thinking Demarcus Cousins.

I also gained Two first round picks for the next draft.

The biggest suprise to me was how well Hasheem Thabeet is playing after working on his game a bit, even at HOF! His RTG i at 65, but plays alot better then that!

What do you guys think i should do for the off season?
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