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Default Re: Top 100 Greatest NBA Players Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Lebron was barely top 10 5 years ago. Now he is a top 2-3 player in NBA History. What a time.

Harden, Curry, Irving, Love, and Westbrook needs to be in the top 100 lists.

Other than Curry with his 2 MVPs, those players haven't done enough to warrant top 100. Need a few more seasons.

And LMAO @ Irving. Way, way too early. There's been a lot of great NBA players over the years. You guys are way overrating him because of three games in the finals.

For example, Sidney Moncrief should be rated above everyone in that list except Curry, at this moment. Certainly ahead of Irving and Love. Terry Cummings is above Irving and Love, because you know, he played an entire career.

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