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Default Re: Al-Qaida likely to attack US, intel says

whatever, just a couple days ago when Michael Chertoff said he had a gut feeling there would be an attack they leaked info that said there is no credible evidence of an attack to cover his ass.

This is nothing more than the typical raising the terror level to orange when they want to frighten bumpkins into voting their way tactic they have used all along.

These NeoCon freaks that have hijacked the Republican party are all about fear and lies.

Remember the "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" (on Iraq having MWDs)?

Thats clearly playing into a Sum of All Fears scenario and they do it over and over and over.

We never finished in Afghanistan either. Its the forgotten war. We have a bunch of soldiers over there getting ignored in what SHOULD have been the main focus post 9/11. Now all we have done is taken out the one country that kept Iran busy and in check and created a haven for terrorists to train in homemade weapons and guerrilla attacks while letting Al Qaeda rebuild. On top of that we look to Arabs like we are trying to pick up Britain's old colonial pieces as our property.

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