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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Coherence - 8/10

I'm always up for a good reality warping movie so I was into this. It did a good job creating the paranoid atmosphere it was going for. The film makers here really made the low budget work by having a very interesting central idea and giving me enough about the characters to care what happens. There is a great sequence in the end as the main character goes from house to house that becomes disturbing once you realize what she is looking for. I got major Time Crimes and Primer vibes from Coherence. Just with alternate realities instead of time travel.

Edge of Tomorrow - 8/10

Predictable but very enjoyable nonetheless. I was a huge fan of Source Code so it immediately reminded of that on a bigger scale (but less emotionally involving). It had some surprisingly funny moments as well. There was one frustrating moment of "why the hell didn't they just do that?" which needed to happen to get the movie to its final act, but still, it went against everything we learned about Emily Blunt's character up to that point. Still, I loved the "save point" concept and the conversations Cage has with people every time he goes back knowing a bit more.
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