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Default Re: Would I Be Crazy to do this???

Originally Posted by 23jordan23
Say I was to offer Brandon Roy and Amare Stoudamire and Get back in return Granger and David Lee? ..would that be fair? or am I out of my mind?

This Is what Im working with ..

Deron Williams
Brandon Roy
Ray Allen
Zach Randolph
Paul Milsap
Jermaine O'neal
Shaq O'neal
Jason Terry
Derrick Rose
Antawn Jamison
Jason Richardson
Amare Stoudamire
John Salmons
Al Harrington

I'd do that. Amare isn't doing that good lately...Granger does everthing and you have Deron Williams and Terry as your guards---That's strong. I would try getting rid of the injury plagued Tracy McGrady as soon as possible though. Shaq has been playing great too. I like your team. Good balance. I'm assuming it's a h2h league...Is it?
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