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Default Re: Would I Be Crazy to do this???

I think I'd do it overall. But you could make the argument for each side of this deal, since its kind of a lateral move with the exception of a sprinkling of boards and dimes. Lee's value comes from %, of which Amare offers as well but with more blocks. Granger offers more blocks than Roy, so you break even there too in theory.

The only reason I might not do it is because Amare is such an up and down player. Even though he's been a "bust" because he hasnt offered the stats everyone though he would, he's still a top 15 player, and if he actually started playing better and reaching his ceiling he'd be top 3 again. That efficiency combined with that possible ceiling is enough to keep me waiting, and now that the Suns have said they would consider dealing him, I might be more prone to hanging on to him. I also expect Granger to lose at least a little value once Dunleavy is fully healthy again.

I see Lee maintaining his current value. I see Amare staying where he is. I expect Roy to put up similar numbers but miss a few games from injuries. I expect to see Granger lose just a touch from his current numbers. Its a tough call really. All players involved are also multi-position eligible as well, making it even closer!

In the end, getting Lee for consistency and Granger for his multi-cat stuff, along with dealing the injury prone Roy would do it for me.
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