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Originally Posted by BIG FURB
Well, I don't really need my ps3 to have wifi, connecting with the ethernet cord is good enough for me. And why would the pS3 play HD-DVD discs when it's a blu-ray player?

Try and downplay it as much as you like, but free is better than paying $50 a year to me anyday.

Games like resistance (which has gotten alot of strong praise so far), RR7, motorstorm (shortly after launch) and all the 3rd party games that you'll see on 360, are launch titles that interest me

A bit of misinformation here. The $500 version does indeed play Blu-Ray movies, don't know whee you heard otherwise

And the ps3 version of GTA4 will also have exclusive downloadable content

Have you tried to play PS2 online? I would say the $50 for XBOX Live is very well spent
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