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Originally Posted by panzerdragoon0
Mass Effect, Halo 2, Phantasy Star Universe(not coming to any other next gen console) and Gears of war. I am sure Final Fantasy 13 will make its way to 360 also, Final Fantasy series has already debuted on 360 with Final fantasy 11.
Those are all great exclusives, but what makes them better than PS3's exclusive games like MGS4, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, White Knight Story, Warhawk, etc, etc (and these are only the titles that we know of, i'm sure i'm missing a lot more)? And there has been no indication that FF13 is gonna eventually end up on 360, but if it does it'll probably happen a long time after it's already been released on PS3

You wont get the same kinda service, so keep wishing idiot
Actually you are getting the same kind of service, do a little research, you'll find that out. And why you catching feelings over videogames? It's not that serious kid

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