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Default Re: Orlando Magic criticized for donation opposing gay marriage

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
The view is a form of prejudge and bigotry and it needs to be dealt with. We all should not tolerate it.
my god, the hypocrisy...

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
Traditional according to who? Who set that standard?
Bro...this promotes hate of a certain group of people by denying them basic rights.

I have no problem I'd somebody has a point of view on taxing the the rich...drilling off shore...but when it comes down to basic human rights they deserved to be called out for that. The Nazis had different views as well u know.
again, I ask, is marriage a "basic" human right? Or really, a natural human right? As already addressed, it is a legal right, I'm well aware. But I have yet to hear an answer to if it is a natural human right.

(btw, a natural human right is something that we have a right to simply b/c we are human.)
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