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Default Re: Orlando Magic criticized for donation opposing gay marriage

Originally Posted by JaggerCommaMick
There aint no point to same sex marriage, mates.

They deserve equal freedoms (which they have - all people are subject to the same guidelines of marrying the opposite sex), equal employment opportunities, and a life free of harassment and intimidation. But mates, what is the bloody point of a same sex marriage?

Mates the point of a gay marriage quite honestly is that a man wants access to a man's poop hole, and in return the other he makes him commit to him. It's like an insurance policy for each and it unifies them domestically. Most marriages these days are ending in divorce anyhow, as a result of extended life expectancy, increased opportunities for infidelity, and relaxed viewpoints on the sanctity of the bloody thing anyway. Allowing homosexuals to start marrying each other is frivolous and unnecessary. You know how many spontaneous 'marriages' result after a straight couple hooks up at Las Vegas Booze Bar? And how frequently ensuing annulments and divorces will happen? The dynamic are the same as opposite sex relations, mate. This is an absolutely unnecessary Pandora's box to open up. It's sheer madness. Respect people for who they are but leave the marriage dynamic bloody well alone.

These people only 'want' it because they can't have it, mates. Marriage serves them no purpose. This is just frankly some political attention whorin' to the max. Drives me up the bloody wall.

First you admit that straight marriage often leads to divorce anyway, and then gay marriage which will often lead to divorce and annulation's bad?

Marriage as a whole seems bad that way.
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