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Default Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Well he's a year younger than Stallone and he's pretty easy to take seriously with his action movies still like that Rambo movie he did a couple years ago and those Expendable movies. He also keeps himself in better shape than men half his age though. I dunno what kind of shape Arnold is in these days. One key is to amp up the violence like in Rambo 4: Ripping out throats, chopping off heads and blowing away a hundred fools away, or like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, he was a bad ass and he was 79 in that movie and that was all attitude, but he's also a much better actor than Arnold is. Both Stallone and Eastwood are, so Arnold kind of needs the physique to be taken seriously.

Agreed on the Clint/Stallone stuff. The reason I think this movie could work is that they don't seem to be ignoring Arnold's age and I have faith in the director. I'm hoping that given a year or so, Arnold has hit the gym a bunch and returns to looking more like a bad ass like Stallone. The difference is Stallone still uses steroids to get in shape, while Arnold has become very anti-steroids, so he'll never look like Stallone looks ever again.
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