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Default Mark Cuban disses lakers moves

Reported on AM 710. When a fan asked Cuban on his thoughts of "super teams", he responds with along the lines of "Lakers did it once with Malone and Payton, and still lost". Also added "You need to have chemistry, and guys who want to be there. I don't know if those guys want to be there".

I understand what Mark is trying to do. He's a great owner. Very passionate about his team. He's simply stating he's not afraid. He is right when he says chemistry is more important. His team proved that by winning the championship against the Heat a couple of seasons back.

What Mark fails to understand is that in a league where most teams needed talent to win, you must build a roster that can matchup with the top teams. When the Celtics traded for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, every team in the league, including the lakers were trying to build their teams to match them. The lakers shortly traded for Pau.

Lets look at what happened the next 3 seasons. The celtics won the first, then the lakers won the next two. Afterwards, God's light somehow shone upon the mavericks. A team that had an average season, and they came in the playoffs and played amazing basketball. But then lets look at what happened after that. The heat won the championship.

Now that all these super teams have taken 4 of the last 5 championships, the lakers built a team that does not only match the best teams, but rather a team that has no weaknesses.

Adding a defensive superstar center next to an all star offensive power forward. Then adding one of the best point guards and offensive geniuses next to the game's best scorer. Adding a bunch of scorers to the bench to cover for last year's mistakes.

If all these pieces come together with the same goal in mind, to win the championship, then it will happen. Basketball is after all, a mental game. Mark Cuban was right in that players have to want to be there. I challenge him in that he thinks people don't want to be on this team.
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