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Default Re: Who would you suit up?

For the record Joey Dorsey nor Tracy McGrady are on the playoff roster. The playoff roster only allows 13 players to be sent in therefore Joey is ineligible for these years playoff.

Now putting that aside I would rather Joey Dorsey suit up. The reason being is that he is another big guy. If all of our big guys are in trouble who would you rather run with, Joey or James? I rather run with Joey. I feel bad for Cook but the guy sucks balls. Regardless he brings the most experience of both James and Joey and perhaps he might surprise do I'd take the risk of giving him the most minutes. Even if he sucks at rebounding, defense, and all other facets of the game besides shooting I rather have him in there. I do not know what Joey will provide and hell he'd probably put us in deeper foul trouble. The guy is a foul machine. Cook, not so much, he has much more experience.

However, I pray to God that we are not forced to play Cook unless is a blow out.
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