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Default Re: Bargnani Trade Rumor Thread

Believe it or not i'm disappointed. With the Gay move there's no more need for him on our team. There were rumors that the Lakers, Clippers, Bulls, Bobcats, and Sixers were considering trades for him but none went down. The only thing that would make sense to me going forward is to have Bargs back up Val at Center (or start at Center) and to take Gray out of the rotation altogether other than maybe garbage minutes or when we need a hard foul. I'm ok with the Telfair move. At least he's better than JL3. I figured the bacup point if it was addressed at all would be with a cheap move like that rather than a big move like say DJ, Crawford, Bledsoe, Crawford for Derozan, Bargs, Alan Anderson

New roster:


Not a bad squad if you ask me. Insert Ross into the starting lineup since JC is more comfortable as a backup anyways. Ross perhaps blossoms as a starter. Bledsoe as a legit/capable backup point. Ditto for DJ, or DJ might even start but either way it's an upgrade and he takes Gray's minutes.

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