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Default Young and getting younger

The Sonics have a bright future despite their likely move out of Seattle. They have Durant and Green as a solid base and are going to add 6 more young talents from the draft. With the 2nd, 24th, 32nd, 43rd, 50th, and 56th pick, who should the sonics draft with their picks.

I really hope they draft Rose at 2. He is sure to be a star in the league for a while. At the 24th spot, It would be great for the sonics to draft a dominant centre with roy hibbert and at 32, i especially like joey dorsey, that can bring some energy and defence. If Semih Erden is available at 43, he would be a steal considering his potential and athleticism. Semih Erden would be a solid pick at 50, offering his size(6 7) at pg with potential. And lastly at 56, I think Demarcus Nelson would be a good pick, as he is and underrated undersized but athletic sg.

Although drafting all 6 picks would set a solid base for the future, I think the Sonics should package some of the 2nd rounders with their 24th pick to move up in the draft to select a potential contributor like DeAndre Jordan, Eric Gordan, Nicolas Batum, or Chase Budinger.
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