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Originally Posted by HALLandOATES
Yeah you've heard of people loaning out cars but you've never experienced this and it is your fault for lending it out, YOUR CAR YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Chances are Carmelo knew his friend smokes pot and lent it to him anyway or the other way around it was Carmelo's. Either way it's his fault . But I guess you don't undersatnd this since you take the bus.

Actually I have experienced this, well not weed but my friend was drunk and driving my car. All I did was go pick up my damn car and call it a day. Im just not a superstar making millions of dollars so nobody gives a ****.

My cousin drove his brothers car and was caught smoking. He went to jail for a night, my uncle just went to pick up the car and him the next day. Nobody considered my uncle or cousin who wasn't smoking junkies by association.

Melo's only problem is the idiots he keeps around him.
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