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Default Re: Portland Offers Roy Hibbert Max Deal

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Makes me extremely scared for what teams will offer McGee. Really hope Asik, Hibbert drain some teams pockets so he doesn't end up getting a retarded offer.

Offers like this put teams in such a bad spot. The NBA market is such trash. If INDY doesn't match they don't get better. Their trying to build something. How can you not match? Sure you'd save money but you'd be walking away from the goal of winning games. Not matching Hibbert isn't really going to do much longterm. Give you extra cash for FA you probably won't sign.

Your either forced with overpaying somebody to get better or letting them walk and regressing or not improving.

Not really. Jazz let Boozer go to Chicago and got a cheaper and better option in Jefferson with the TPE from the sign and trade. Indiana has options.
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