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Default Re: Orlando Magic @ Brooklyn Nets 3:00 Est. 11/11

Originally Posted by rodman91
It looks like Nets is nothing but hype so far.Even Bobcats has shown better offensive & defensive plays so far. I wonder what Avery Johnson & Nets were doing all summer.

By the way, team's backcourt was almost considered as best in NBA but Lopez & Hump carries Nets team this season. Joe Johnson is a mess.. Bad offensive plays makes Williams look like average guard.

You never know but Knicks seems heavily favorite against Nets now.
I agree with most of what you say, but if not for a terrible collapse against Minny they really should be 4-1 and no one would think anything was wrong.

But yeah, JJ has been off. He's been best as a spot up shooter as opposed to trying to create anything. Deron has played well enough if not for his three point shit which he takes way too many and at a terrible percentage. He's fine on two pointers. My main issue with him continues to be his poor body language and lackadasicle effort at times.

But yeah, Lopez has carried this team to each win and Hump finally woke up. And actually Lopez looks so much better on the boards. He's getting rebounds in traffic he never has before and getting them with two hands as opposed to when his shoulder was bothering him and he was going for one armed rebounds. His numbers don't look great but they look better per 36, from the eye test and when you see we're outrebounding opponents which is all that matters. Offensivley, he hasn't really gotten his grove back but he's still our best option by far.

Regardless, I always thought NY was the better team, and they should be. They've been together longer and are as win now as you can be with no youth or assets to really improve, other than Shumpert.

As for the whole Avery debate, I think he's due about 30 games to see what he's capable of. The offense has looked great at times, awful others and the defense has looked good at times, but awful others. It will average out and what that average is should dtermine his fate. Theoretically this should be a top 10 or better offensive team, and while they are defensively challenged its up to the coach to make them better as a unit.
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