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The playoffs will not look like that and raildog the Warriors just think their a jump shooting team, because they take the most 3 pt. attempts in the league and are last in 3 pt. %. The playoffs will look like this and Golden State is nowhere to be seen.

(no particular order)

The Kings lost Adleman and will lose Wells. Artest will not energize the team as much as he did last year. Denver still has no shooting (don't tell me J.R. Smith is a legit shooter) and lost their best shooter, Greg Buckner. They played like the worst team in the playoffs. Teams figured them out by allowing them to shoot the jumper and packing the lane with to cover the bigs. Houston will make the playoffs assuming their healthy and Battier will fit nicely with Van Gundy's style. The Jazz have done a nice job this offseason keeping chemistry and drafting well. Remember Sloan is a great coach and will have them playing the right way. The Lakers have Phil, enough said and the other teams were in your playoff picture Knicks Fan 4 life. That's what I think, what would you guys say to that?
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