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Default Re: Nets 2011-2012 Lockout Season Roll Call

Favorite Nba team(s): the nets, and other teams with former nets players, like denver, dallas and the spurs.

Favorite old school Net: captain kidd, big mac (todd mccullough).

Favorite Current Net: brooklyn lopez.

A little about me: i'm an older guy who misses my days of playing bball and tennis. i developed health problems sometime back and now stick to my bike trainer and table tennis.

this was from eight years ago from my time in west philly. 5'8" and a total stick figure. those were the days:

Do I think Deron Williams will stay: BL (before lockout), the chances were very good. AL (after lockout) it's a little up in the air. but i think the best thing going for us is that deron seems genuinely excited about playing in the new arena and for prokhy.

Anything else to add: ostrich racing is still a great sport. but what i've learned is that ostrich skiing is even better:
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