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Default Re: Nets 2011-2012 Lockout Season Roll Call

Favorite Nba team(s): Nets only

Favorite old school Net: Jason Kidd. 2nd: Vince Carter (08-09 especially)

Favorite Current Net: Brook Lopez

A little about me: I am slowly losing interest in basketball IDK why but i find myself not as interested as in the past. Maybe it's just this lockout? Not sure. I started watching a few years ago when the Nets still made the playoffs. I still own a Devin Harris jersey! I have since gotten rid of my Kidd, Jefferson, and Carter jerseys. Unless I get one as a gift that harris jersey is probably my last. I've been to a few games in the past and I plan on going to games in BK as well.

Do I think Deron Williams will stay: I figure he will stay. The Nets can give him the most money and plus he is going to be playing in Brooklyn with a super rich owner.

Anything else to add: Keep posting, fellas.
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