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Default Re: Nets 2011-2012 Lockout Season Roll Call

[quote=gigantes]Favorite Nba team(s) Nets and Magic, Im a huge Dwight Howard fan.

Favorite old school Net: Vince Carter

Favorite Current Net: Brook Lopez

A little about me: I enjoy playing and watching football, same with basketball.

Do I think Deron Williams will stay:
TBH I have no clue and i cant in-vision in his mind, who knows what he is thinking, but the benefits of staying with the Nets are not bad, You get to play in a brand new arena in Brooklyn, Build a Franchise, attract Free Agents ( Possibly Dwight Howard). Etc. But if he leaves I can see why. How long can we wait for Lopez to become that all star, and if we don't get Dwight Howard, what are the chances he stays?
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