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Default Re: Things We Have Done In Real Life That We Wouldnt Tell Anyone Else

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
I'm not trying to teach you a lesson about anything. The whole point of this thread was to say the outrageous things you have done. And you came in the thread acting like you were superior to everyone. Despite the fact you're degenerate heroin addict.

Acting superior to everyone, huh? Everyone isn't some kid who jacks off into their friend's sisters underwear, and everyone certainly isn't like Ace, molesting a cousin WHILE SLEEPING or getting turned on by little girls. Actually, the things Ace said are so sick and he said them so casually that in hindsight, I'm starting to think he was trolling. But if not, then no, you shouldn't get a free pass for shit like that. That's not "outrageous." It's criminal.

The way you look down on people with addiction problems show you're very ignorant and intolerant, and probably very young.
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