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Default Re: Things We Have Done In Real Life That We Wouldnt Tell Anyone Else

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
Didn't you call me out earlier for explaining my actions regarding the underwear drawer/hot cousin talk? Yet you are doing the same thing about your heroin days. Don't act like you didn't come in this thread all high and mighty

The cousin thing is weird, but harmless, though there really isn't an explanation for jacking off in the girl's underwear. If you're friend was aware you did that to his sister, he really should have kicked your ass for it. If someone jacked off in your sister's underwear without her knowing, what would you do?

And you completely dodging the most important parts. How many people do you think have substance abuse problems and how many people do you think go around jacking off into random girl's underwear without their knowledge?

And more importantly, my actions are only relevant to myself. Yours do no harm to yourself, and only impact others. If you don't see a difference then there's really no hope for you.

And back to the cousin thing, I targeted you on that because you made the bold claim that every guy fantasizes about a cousin.
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