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Default Re: The Walking Dead

i don't get how S1 could be so great, S2 being so awful, and now S3 starting out being really good. i just have a hard time believing it was all budget issues as a excuse since i can't see how hard it is to have zombies chasing people and some gore here and there. i'd think good writing can make up for that crap. i still think the character dialogues are really bad even in S3 so far, but the situation they're in and zombie killing have been awesome. it'd be even better if i wasn't spoiled with meeting the warden and that town stuff they show in the previews. i really like their prison home right now, so many possibilities...

and the other thing that kind of bothered me was why not just camp outside and leave all of the doors open and kill them as they come out? or just send someone quick in there and get them to lure them out. i'm ok with everything else they did.

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