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Default Re: Looking like Chip Kelly is headed to Cleveland

I'm not really getting the negativity toward Kelly. I don't think his offense is really a gimmick. It is all about destroying gap control. Yeah, he does it with some funky formations and flashy plays, but at the end of the day, his philosophy is all about breaking down defensive fundamentals.

Hey, if Bill Belichick is willing to adapt his gameplans in-part around things Kelly innovated, I'm willing to give the guy a shot. Maybe he works, maybe he doesn't, but what do the Browns have to lose at this point? Everyone expects this team to be terrible every year, including us fans.

A dramatic move like this can go one of two ways... Massive success or utter disaster. I'm willing to take that risk, at this point in the franchise's history. Back in the 1980s and early-90s when the team was a consistent playoff team and contender? I would be more timid about promoting such a move. After 13 years of a horrible franchise? Let's do this.

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
SMH if CLE regrets that Weeden pick.

Good GOD...No RG3 for u, No Julio Jones then u BLOW it w an old fat short and immobile QB when u could have had a stud at the WR position. A matchup nightmare.

I feel like the team has its stud receiver who is a potential matchup nightmare. His name is Josh Gordon. Kid is just figuring out the position and he was pretty much unarguably the best rookie WR in the league this season.

Also, like I said, even if the Weeden pick doesn't pan out, Richardson, Schwartz, Winn and Hughes are all looking like excellent picks. And possibly Benjamin.

I really have very few complaints about the way this team has drafted the last few years. Heckert has put together a ton of young talent here... So much so that the majority of Browns fans wanted him to stay.

The QB position may still be in flux, but other spots have been upgraded significantly recently (including WR).
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