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Originally Posted by traditionone
Steve Francis is too pricey.

If Harrington wants 8 or 9 mil, you're probably going to get multiple players back in return. One year contracts won't hurt. You could use them in another deal later on to get more talent. That kind of flexibility could come in handy.

I'm hearing the Lakers are among the frontrunners for Al and possibly the favorite to get him.

Maybe a trade exception and a number one pick would be ok. Unless they can't get anyone else, Mihm would be ok (but I think there are a few better options on the free agent market for a reserve center).

The Hawks already have Smith, Childress, Jones, M. Williams, S. Williams at the forwards (plus JJ can play some small forward).

Harrington is a good player, but if he gets a long term deal that can hinder the development of other young players.

But the Hawks might want to keep him to win now. Who knows.
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