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Default Re: We should be able to make it to the play-off this year if...

yes, the nets are dangerous and look like they can beat up on certain teams, but their defense still needs a lot of work. which makes them pretty-much sunk against the better teams.

players are not rotating effectively to the perimeter (perhaps because they're overcommitting elsewhere) causing the nets to have the worst 3PT shooting defense in the league. i'm sure there's man coverage problems too, although i haven't watched enough games to know where exactly. rebounds, blocks and steals- the nets are about average in all.

but so far the defense is pretty encouraging for a young team IMO. simply knowing the concepts is not enough- you have to go out there and play over and over with your teammates to make your reactions and decisions quicker and more accurate. neural pathways take time to develop. there is simply no substitute for this process, even if you're the most god-gifted defender of all time. what matters is your work ethic, although there is a ceiling for how good any one player can be.
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