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Default Re: We should be able to make it to the play-off this year if...

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Carter has been a leader... Our succes is in the hands of Carter, then Harris, and finally whoever desides to step up...

and theyve been great leaders. leading by command and example (obviously)

but I speak of overwhelming fatigue that rookies almost always go through

in college they play 30 games. in the NBA, preseason + 82 games + possible playoff games.

sure, we as fans may not appreciate that so much. we say: "so suck it up. they get paid so much anyway."

well, have any of you played basketball for a stretch nonstop? not just shooting around with friends. hard nosed basketball against the cocky kids in the park who love nothing more than to embarass you on the court. the mutual animosity leads to your playing defense like you have never played before, and working immensely hard to get an open shot.

have you ever played for hours on end, that at the end of the day, you go home feeling like your knees are going to come off? and you need to ice it? have you ever played again the next day? how fatigued would you be?

now imagine being pressure to do this all the time when losing is not an option.

that's what I mean by rookie wall

anyway, because of the lack of real expectations, the young players should be fairly at ease and not too stressed. after all, mental preparation is 90% o the game
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