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Default Re: Dwight Howard does not get touches...

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
I find it funny people were even complaining about him, dude had a solid game 14/16 on 86% FG, what else is he supposed to do? Sure he made one big mistake having that rebound stolen, but I'd hardly consider the so-called assist to Gaillinari as his fault at all since all he was trying to do was to stop opponents from scoring. It was just unlucky, sometimes it happened.

The problem is, you get rusty if you do not get touches. Your guards jack up shots, and you feel little involved in the game. The bad effect is that once you get the ball, you become clueless what to do with it 'cause you havent had the ball for such a long while. I dare to say that Dwight with Magic or Nets would average 25/15. The reason why he underperforms in the Lakers team is that he aint being involved in the offense as he is supposed to, which is unfortunate. Dude shoots 86% from the field, and gets only 7 shots?

You are right.

Your typo sold him short, he had an outstanding game 26 rebounds and 4 or 5 blocks, along with shooting 86%.
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