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Default Re: Wish we would have kept Tmac

Originally Posted by Cookkilla
Where would we be if we kept Tmac and Mike Miller...damn i think i think that there would be Three teams in the east that can win a championship...Detroit,Boston, and Orlando with those to players...we are very good now but were still couple years away from going to the finals..we need another banger...maybe we should trade hedo or nelson or maybe both for a good banger...or just have foyle start and trade for a good SG...what yall think that should be two different post but wat can i say im a very random person...but wat do yall think

It is clear that T-Mac wanted out of Orlando so the team had no choice but to trade him. He probably wouldn't have played hard if he had stayed. We shouldn't have kept him, BUT we should have traded him for higher value. As for Miller, yeah, the team should have kept him. We had traded him for Drew Gooden, who we then traded to the Cavs with Varejao I believe, and I don't remember what we got in return, but it probably was not much.
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