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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
...that Tom Brady is the GOAT. Titles, passing records, longevity,consistency, clutchness, team, individual etc. We are getting to a point where the naysayers are just plain haters, and had Eli not had a horseshoe stuck completely up his ass Brady's career would be something that people would not believe to be true.

Brady = GOAT, this acknowledgement will be reality someday, its best we all get with it now.

So you'd like credit for the Superbowls the Giants won when Eli drove them down the field to win the game and Brady did not? That's nice. What other seasons would you like Brady to get credit for something another team done?

I don't disagree with you on Brady but get the **** out on trying to rep Brady for the Giants smacking him around.
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