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Default Re: When will it become obvious to EVERYONE...

Originally Posted by niko
So you'd like credit for the Superbowls the Giants won when Eli drove them down the field to win the game and Brady did not? That's nice. What other seasons would you like Brady to get credit for something another team done?

I don't disagree with you on Brady but get the **** out on trying to rep Brady for the Giants smacking him around.

You're wrong. The first time Brady did drive down and score the go ahead late in Q4. The second time he'd have done it again, but Welker dropped the ball. The helmet catch was fluky as f*ck, and it took something like that to beat the Pats. Last year Brady took a pretty shit squad, had his est weapon injured (Gronk) and was still a drop and a perfect pass (Eli to Manningham) to beat him.

Nothing to sneeze at, nothing to be ashamed about.

Brady's passing exploits puts him over Montana IMHO.
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