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Default Sex & Relationshipz Talk w/ tha Fresh Luv Doctor Thread

This Thread right here iz indeed self explanatory. In this thread you can call me tha "Fresh Luv Doctor" and I will try my best to help your sex and realtionship life. Sex and relationshipz are a major part of life and it brings major obstacles full of satisfication and unsatisfaction. If you need to ask a question about a certain gurl that you are trying to hook up with, have sex with, are do something extra spicy to make tha relationship fun and exciting, or just ask general question about sex and relationshipz that you want know or talk about dont hesitate to call on me, tha "Fresh Luv Doctor". I will be gladly to help anybody on their situation, and dont get upset if I cant get to everybody at first, because I soon will get back to you, and dont be extra stupid with your questionz either . Let tha damn fun begin!!
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