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Default All-Time NBA Players Peak Draft 2013- Sign ups!

I know somebody has done something like this before in here and I'm definitely interested in playing this and hosting it.

Pick a year of the player you are picking - ex. Kwame Brown 01-02, Luke Walton 05-06.

This will be in serpentine draft form - 10 rounds. 9 players and 1 coach - You can pick a coach any round.
Just like the other drafts and to make it fair for all eras we will have:
•3 pointers
•Handchecking - Check
•Defensive 3 Secs- Check
You can't pick someone who hasn't played for more than 50+ games on that season.
Let's have a good time guys and Join NOW!!

We need 10 users that are knowledgeable and really really active.
I hope we can start this today :p.

-10 users-
1. jcsrplumply
2. CeltsGarlic
3. hangintheair
4. Shade8780
5. waseem780
6. KobesFinger
7. kurple
8. TonyMontana
9. Just2McFly

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