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Default Re: Practice techniques

I always liked the roll out one-on-one drills. You start with the ball and roll it out to the elbow, or sort of toss it with a little backspin, chase it out and grab it, and you're defender follows you after you touch the ball.

It should force you to inside pivot, and run through a jab series sort of move. Quick jumper. Shot fake. Rip through. Half Rip and back. Quick spin if he's on your back to quick.

Do it from both elbows obviously. You go then he goes. Limit yourself to three dribbles tops, even that is too many from the elbow, but it lets you put in a step back in the lane if you need it.

And sort of an advanced tip, conciously try to open up with both feet. I was a very ambidexturous player. I had no problem going either way, and I had little problem scoring around the hoop with either hand. I got good enough at it that it was all instinct by the time I was a senior in HS. However, the thing it took me longer to figure out was my footwork both ways. I'm much much more comfortable opening up with my right foot, so that's the one I'm jabbing with. I can run through the series with either foot, certainly better righty, but getting into that position is something I rarely do unless it's somehow forced upon me.

You can also do some ghost D pick and roll and pick and pop stuff, especially if you're bro likens himself a forward. And I always did a lot of penetrate and kick stuff working out with my backcourt mate. You take the ball, make a little jab move from one wing, and go toward the hoop, your buddy's job is to move without the ball, don't just stand there, drift to a spot that would likely be open, and is easy for you as the passer to get it to. Catch and shoot, occasionally pump, one dribble, shoot. Switch.
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