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Default Re: Practice techniques

For spot up practice, I like partner shooting. It's simple:

1. Player A shoots
2. Player A rebounds
3. Player A passes to Player B (who is spotting up or coming off a hypothetical screen)
4. Player B shoots, rebounds, passes
5. Repeat

We also like performing some full court drills, such as:

1. Player A stands at mid court
2. Player B begins at half court near sideline
3. Player A passes ball to Player B as he begins running toward basket
4. Player B makes move at three point line, scores
5. Player B gets own rebound, throws pass to Player A at half court
6. Player B sprints toward other end of court, receives pass from Player A
7. Player B makes another move at three point line, scores again
8. Repeat until 5 shots put on basket

I like that drill because you should be worn down by the fifth attempt and it's a good quick way to build speed and the ability to push and perform when fatigued.

If you're looking for a one-on-one variant, cap the number of dribbles an offensive player can use. Sometimes we'll play one-on-one by checking up after every miss (no offensive rebounds, no need to take back) and then limit each other to five dribbles. This is way to maximize one-on-one defensive effort as well as forcing the offensive player to only move and dribble with a purpose.
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