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Default I desperately need a 3point shooter

I'm in a roto league, and all my stats are very high except in 3 points..
with the 3pts I can pretty much dominate the league.
who do I go for, James Jones or Marco Belinelli?

James Jone's stats for 2010-2011:

Marco Belinelli's stats for 2010-2011:

i have them both on my team, but I only have 1 utility slot to play one of them.
Right now i'm thinking james jones, especially with mike miller and haslem out?

BTW i had no idea the Maximum Games thing was so limiting..
my first time playing, so in the beginning i put whoever had games into the starting line-up.. so basically i gave valuable spots to guys like glen davis and evan turner instead of pau gasol or milsap..
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