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Default OT: Beyonce Pregnant?


Rumors have been running rampant about Jay-Z and Beyonce lately. From getting married, breaking up, Jay-Z cheating, Hov getting video chicks pregnant, etc. The latest talk is that the two are now expecting. Supposedly, the two music stars have made music of their own outside of the booth and will now be parents before the year's ending. In a recent photograph, the former Destiny's Child member appeared pregnant with what looked like a "pregnancy bump".

According to an informant, the jiggaman was excited, while Beyonce is ashamed that she's pregnant out of wedlock and wants to try to keep it hidden. The insider also went into details about how Beyonce is afraid and worried how a child may tarnish her career and her overall freedom. But according to the insider, everything will be fixed before the child's arrival in the world as the two may be getting married anytime unexpectedly. If this turns out to be a fact and goes accordingly, the due date is expecting to be in October, where a child of a presently unknown gender will be delivered.

Jay is one lucky dude.
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