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Default Re: Kevin Martin Thriving on OKC's Bench

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Again... Harden is a poor defender but not as bad as Martin. Two or three years ago Martin was ranked the worst defender in the NBA. Harden has never been that bad, so how am I full of shit?
Because, so far, his defense hasn't been "worst in the NBA" bad. He seems engaged on defense and is actually putting out a lot of effort. Is he playing great or even good defense? No, but he hasn't been any worse than Harden tended to be a lot of times. The only difference is that Harden, when he actually put forth the effort, could be a pretty good defender; something I'm not sure Martin is capable of.

Look man, just stop talking about the Thunder until the season is at least 20-30 games old and we have a bigger sample size. You go from saying "OKC is clearly not as good at this point in the season as they were last year at the same point in the season" to making baseless claims that Martin is a much worse defender than Harden. For whatever reason you seem to be quick to jump on the "The Harden trade was a bad one for OKC" bandwagon but you clearly have no idea what you're talking about right now. It may prove true down the line, but right now you're just making baseless claims.
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