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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Back to back games now with 10 rebounds, And Last night he had 4 offensive rebounds. He also Scored 9 and 10 points, I think they should look at passing him the ball more, he didn't seem to get it as much as he should be. 8 shots is not enough for him and when you make 5 of those, its not like hes cold, so the defiently should have been feeding him the ball more. I want more K-Mart power dunks, I think we can deal with melo shooting like then 25 shots. Against the Wolves he went 13-30 Theres no need to shoot that much when you have all this talent around you. Kobe is one of the only players that needs to shoot that much becuase he doesn't have a line-up that is BUILT for championships like Denver is.
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