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Default Re: How good was Len Bias?

Originally Posted by Harison
I dont have medical report how much he took, everywhere its reported he OD. Regardless, to use cocaine is a sign of stupidity, especially if you want to achieve something in life. I never heard of Bird or Jordan using cocaine, etc.

Anyone with a few brain cells knows the risk, its not like youth in US are with knowledge level of chimps in the jungle He took the risk, he payed the ultimate price, and again, there was nothing intelligent about his choice.
I wasn't alive back then, but wasn't cocaine outside the category of a hot button issues at that time? From what I've heard, anti-drug campaigns were at highs during the mid 90s to early 2000s. It's no excuse for him to use it, but let's not like we can't make the same kinds of mistakes.
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