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Default Re: Division III G Jack Taylor drops 138 points

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
We shouldn't be talking about this guy. 99% of the world can score an enormous amount of points with that many shot attempts. Let's talk about the player on the opposing team who scored 70 points on 30/44 shooting. that's pretty impressive.
I think the 70 on 34/44 shooting is fool's gold. Again, per Grinnell's play style, they'll full court trap and look to force a turnover. If they cannot force a turnover, they'll often more or less concede a two point shot. I would presume that bushels full of that guy's 70 were mostly uncontested layups. Grinnell's system operates under the belief that two point buckets are fine, because Grinnell will just end up forcing enough turnovers to shoot way more than them (and make more), with a lot of them being three pointers.

Meanwhile, 138 is 138, with 100+ shots or not. I mean, it's not equal to dropping 100 in an NBA game. But I think shooting 100 shots and making enough to cop 138 would be borderline exhausting, particularly while playing on a team like Grinnell. It's definitely a heck of an accomplishment.
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