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Default Call your team's pick

With the draft 8 days away and the guys who're in/out set, it's time to make your call. Making a mock draft is cool and all, but I'll be the first to admit I know (IMO) the wants/needs of teams outside of Indy at about a 1:4 ratio, if even that.

You've all seen my love for Jrue Holiday and the ability it gives us to ship out Ford, but I 99% expect him to be off the board at 13. My pick comes down to two prospects, DeJuan Blair and James Johnson. I think the Blair knee "issues" are a rumor in the Darrell Arthur 08 mold put out there by some team hoping he falls and that he doesn't get past Milwaukee at 10 or NJ at 11. With that said, I say the Indianapolis Pacers select James Johnson of Wake Forest.
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