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Default Re: Are Tony Parker and Manu Underpaid?

Ginnobli scores under 10 PPG and plays under 20 MPG. I trust Popovich's judgment; if he thought the team could benefit more from him in the game, he'd be in the game more. He just doesn't have the kind of impact on the game he used to have. If he wasn't so adept at flopping, he would certainly be a defensive liability. At 38, his minutes are roughly half of what they were at his peak -- and so are his contributions. But it's not just playing time. If you look at points per 36 minutes, his performance this year and last are the lowest in his career excepting the first two years he was in the league. He's had a great career and there's some sentimental value given his tenure with the Spurs; but let's be realistic about what he could command.

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