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Default Re: How shook are the MJ stans right now?

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH

And if anything, 3ball is one of the few people Iíve seen with video evidence from ISH that can actually hoop. So thatís a compliment.

The other ones were lilOJMayo, and AlphaWolf24 were decent to good. Anybody else, besides select few posters. Phoenix, Kuniva, ShaqAttack quickly off the top of the dome, who know what theyíre talking about ...

None of them can actually play or did play organized let alone at a high or respectable level. 3ball can play. As most actual Jordan / Kobe can actually play ball because they care about the craft. Where as 3-6 mafia fans are dorks or libs and def not ball players. See RRR, Nick Wright, Colin Cowherd, Wheels / Simon / Jeff etc

Going to defend 3balls dick size next? That seems to where it goes with people you stan.
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