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Originally Posted by bladefd
No, I have no issue with bringing KCP back over Lopez. I've a huge problem with bringing in Rondo/Stephenson/McGee in and overlooking Lopez. Lopez should have been signed before Stephenson/Rondo. TBH, I see zero need for Stephenson or Rondo with the team we have, especially not Stephenson.

What was Magic thinking paying $1.5 million MORE for Stephenson than what Lopez got paid by Milwaukee? Completely inexcusable.

Are you talking about Brook Lopez who went to Stanford and hardly became a problem in the locker room in his entire career?
The same guy who was top 5 in contested 2's just last season? D_SHOTS_2PT
The same guy who was top 15 in the ENTIRE league for blocked shots, 11th among centers?
Apparently he is not "crazy" enough like Lance or had a DUI record or who had a run in with other players like Rondo?
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