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Default Re: official high school basketball thread

Tryouts start Nov. 11 for us, but everybody already knows what team they are on. We're expected to win state (4a) and ranked somewhere in the top 5 overall in the state.

Its going to be kinda intresting this year because our coach is planning on going with a three man frontcourt instead of our traditional two because we have some size on our team (6'7" 240 center, 6'5" 190 forward, and 6'4" 225 small forward is me) and so most of our sets are going to have to change to accomidate that.

My problem is with the lower classman... when I played varsity last year I was just glad to be their at the beggining of the season, but I wanted to win and play hard to give my seniors a going away present (mission accomplished... district champs). I look at this years juniors and sophs and I dont see that same fire I had and that kinda scares me.

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