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Default Re: official high school basketball thread

Guyz start running. NOW!

I have insane stamina, but my coach iz ridiculously demanding. Dude literally caused 3 or four of the guyz to vomit immediately. Putz on a pseudo-tough guy act that'z not even funny, nor badazz. Just annoying and itz detrimental cuz I seek inspiration from my leader and within.. like Sergeant Hartman from FMJ or Coach Carter or whatever.

I'm a Ckollege man now, so I'm not on a team but back in highschool we started off with ladderz and suicidez. Progressed to the "pistolz - 3 man zone defense" a couple of weavez and sh!t. Even az a star player you would AT THE VERY MOST get off ten shotz and handle the ball for about five secondz. And alas we had a losing record cuz no one could shoot worth a dam. For tryoutz he would spontaneously toss the ball to the floor, and we ran to get it, and whoever acquired the orange first would shoot freethrowz. We would have to run between 3 or 5 ladderz if they missed, and normally the jacked azz black dude would get it and CLANK! I'm like give J-Money the ball, he won't let you down.

Gawd thoze seezins where sh!tty but I remember my best timez being the halfcourt heavez at halftime . Man I waz way too unselfish tho, should've demanded the ball more, chucked up more shotz. Hoping to play intermural and maybe meet Nexus in real life.
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